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The following photos were taken during the 2007 CeBit show in Hanover, Germany. Working closely with the customer, I.D.milano created the designs for both the booth and the new product concepts being displayed inside.

Telsey S.p.A. is an Italian company from Treviso. The company is a worldwide leader in the design and production of Access Gateway, IP-Video Station and Networking solutions.

Telsey booth 1
Telsey booth 2
Telsey booth 3
Telsey booth 4
Telsey Boom
Telsey Stone 1
Telsey Stone 2
Telsey Sub 1
Telsey Sub 2
Telsey Lumen
Telsey Vista
Telsey fabric 1
Telsey fabric 2
Telsey Taco 1
Telsey Taco 2
Telsey Taco 3
Telsey Stealth


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