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About I.D.milano
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In no particular order, here are the top 5 reasons why you should ask us for a proposal for your next new consumer product...

  1. Experience
    Market proven experience in getting compeling designs to production. We know how to apply the power of design to give your company a significant edge in the marketplace. We give you the advantage of over 25 years of development experience.

  2. Flexibility
    We can adapt our process or fit into yours. We can do all the design and engineering or just the bits that you need.
  3. Cost
    We are significantly more cost-effective than our big competitors, such as Frog, or Continuum. We are small. We have low overheads. We don't have professional salesmen. Everyone at I.D.milano is a hands-on professional that will add value to your project.
  4. Design First
    While I.D.milano is run by engineers who have a manufacturing background, we have a "Design First" attitude. This means that we beat ourselves up trying to find the most intelligent manufacturing strategy that safeguards the key design elements of the product.
  5. Personable
    Because of our small size, you get a very responsive, personalized service. We treat all our customers with the same attentiveness and professionalism.
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