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We are a small, focused group of Industrial Designers and Engineers that are passionate about Industrial Design. Our broad experience covers a range of markets including telecommunications, furniture, medical, and consumer products.

I.D.milano has a studio in Milan, Italy, but is keen to work with your company regardless of your location. Our designers have worked with clients in the United States and Asia as well as Europe.

I.D.milano was founded in 2003 by Fabio Moneta and Colin Anderson – two Product Development Engineers whose careers are dedicated to Industrial Design. They met and worked at the influential Motorola Design Center in Milan (2000-2003) where they were instrumental in numerous successful product launches.

We believe that in development there is only one problem – communication. We always try and understand the client’s business and their particular requirements for the project. Design is not just about producing something cool that looks good in a magazine. More importantly, it is about providing an appropriate and measured response to the needs of the customer – which mostly means recognizing their brand, their costs and capabilities, and the needs of the end consumer.

We recognize that the customers wishes are paramount. We always try to go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients are satisfied. This isn't just good for them. Invariably, happy customers are repeat customers.

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